YIBAMBE Collection

Special Tribute to King T'Challa. As seen in the scene from the 2018 "Avengers: Infinity War" film. Yibambe is a battle cry which roughly translates to “Hold the Line/Holdfast/Hold Strong” It's in Xhosa, a language originating in South Africa.

#yibambe —I watched "Black Panther" so many times that I am embarrassed to say the number out loud. When Hollywood said, for decades, no one would watch a superhero movie with a black lead, you showed up and proved them wrong. (
#blackpanther was consistently #soldout in theaters, took in $27 million in weekend ticket sales, pushing its domestic gross to $630 million, and its international haul to about $1.2 billion which put it at No.5 on the all-time highest grossing movie list. ) Thank you Chadwick for breathing life into T’Challa , thank you for sharing your many talents with us, and thank you for being a #beautifulhuman . Ayyyyyyye Chadwick Boseman , you were all kinds of #dope 🖤!!!! #chadwickboseman #forever