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Rugged wear jewelry/accessories for those who have been broken-hearted, been through the fire yet emerge through the flames with a resilient heart. Styled with a touch of southwest+urban+island swag!


We have been conditioned since birth to relate the #darkness and all things #black to represent #despair#gloom, and #sadness. However there is nothing sinister here. My aesthetic is #blacktones #blackvibes #blackjoy #blackhope #blacklove and more 🖤 !!!! 

I'm a first-generation born American with immigrant parents from Haiti. I am a Gallaudet University Alumni (class of 2007),I was accepted into their exclusive program called H.U.G.s (Hearing Undergraduate Students), and I graduated with a B.A. degree in Deaf Studies. I am also a certified Sign Language Interpreter, SAG-AFTRA actor, IATSE 871 film crew member and more. What started out as a Covid-19 lockdown hobby of jewelry making turned into an amazing business venture and dream come true!  May you find pleasure, joy, inspiration, and strength through my products!

Rough Love,

Diana "Dia" Gaitirira

*proud member of the Female Founder Collective (FCC)*


Full Coverage Mask- 2 Layers Classic Mask Mask Adjusters/Ear Savers- Adult Mask adjusters/ear savers- child

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